Welcome to Ref-Pro

Ref-Pro is an online Human Resources (HR) management and Industrial Relations (IR) management software solution. This digital system will allow you to streamline your hiring, firing, and employee management processes by:

  • Providing you with instant access to verified references for potential employees, available 24 hours a day
  • Empowering you as an employer to leave accurate references of previous employees online
  • Auto-generating and populating your regularly used and time consuming human resources paperwork
  • Freeing your business from cumbersome physical employee filing systems

This human resources management software offers an easily accessible platform for tracking HR and IR functions and actions within a company.

Employing the wrong person can be devastating for a business. Refpro is striving to further transparency in the hiring process by facilitating fair and accurate reference checking.

Refpro acts as an impartial database of employees, created by employers for employers. Employers are now able to see a definitive work history record for every potential new employee who has been included on the system, including:

  • Disciplinary records.
  • Awards, accolades, and training.
  • References from previous employers.

Ref-Pro is designed to allow both employers and employees to fairly and accurately represent themselves. Employers no longer have to rely on potentially fabricated CVs, or spend hours contacting references telephonically.

This also prevents employees from neglecting to mention previous employers with whom they might have had trouble. Employers can state the exact reason/s why an employee’s services were terminated, in black and white. Ref-Pro will streamline your background checking process.

Ref-Pro is integrated with COMPUSCAN, one of South Africa’s leading credit bureaus. This means that even if a potential employee has not been entered into the system before, it will still be possible to perform an instant work history check via COMPUSCAN’s credit records.

The Ref-Pro system is highly customizable and can be programmed with your company’s disciplinary code. Human resources managers and practitioners only need to select possible transgressions from a predetermined list, and then the system will generate and auto populate the appropriate HR & IR documents. Documents, such as a Certificate of Service or UI19 form can be created and populated with an employee’s complete data automatically, in under two minutes.

Sign up for Ref-Pro today and experience the power of modern human resources management. If you have any questions or comments, please contact us today. We’re eager to get back to you.