About Ref-Pro

Ref-Pro – originally known as Reference Pro – was created to fix a potentially dangerous problem in all businesses. Louis Jordaan, the company’s founder and conceptualizer, had spent many years working with security companies. During his tenure in that industry he was disturbed by the laisse faire attitude that some of these companies adopted when hiring new recruits. It was often the case that such companies lacked the resources, manpower or inclination to perform proper reference checks on their new prospective employees. These companies would then hire employees of whom they actually knew very little about.

Louis realised that a solution was needed. This solution needed to be accurate, honest, and easily accessible. It needed to allow both employers and employees to fairly and accurately represent themselves. Above all, it needed to be simple to understand and easy to use – for all parties involved.

Ref-Pro is that solution.

An initiative for employers; by employers, Refpro is an online human resources management and employee reference checking system which allows employers to create online references of their previous employees.

With this new tool, busy employers are able to access true and accurate information about any employee who has previously been added to the system. All that a prospective employer needs to do is type in a potential employee’s ID number, and the employer will instantly be able to access such vital information as:

  • True reason/s for termination of previous employment
  • Previous position/s held by the prospective employee
  • Achievements by the prospective employee at previous employers
  • Training received by the prospective employee
  • Employment history
  • Awards and accolades

This is an excellent time saving tool, but the most powerful benefit of Ref-Pro for employers is the honesty it allows. Employers no longer have to rely on CVs, which can very easily be manipulated in a potential employee’s favour. Ref-Pro also keeps a definitive work record for all employees, which prevents any dishonesty in that regard. This keeps employees from leaving previously unsatisfied employers out of their résumés.

Employing the wrong person can be devastating for a business. Ref-Pro is striving to further transparency in the hiring process.

Employers can state the exact reasons for an employee leaving their company, in black and white.

Ref-Pro also works to the benefit of employees. All of an employee’s previous experience, as well as positive references, achievements, awards and accolades will be available at a prospective employer’s fingertips. The system can also be used to keep track of employees’ achievements, for example being named employee of the month, et cetera.

Whenever an employee completes training (both internal or external), proof of such can be loaded into the system and recorded. This means that excellent employees will easily be able to gain the recognition which they deserve from new employers.

This process also applies to the movement of employees within a company. Whenever employees are promoted, demoted, or placed in new positions; detailed records will be kept. This is especially helpful for large scale businesses with nationwide offices.

With Ref-Pro there will be no further need for heavy, cumbersome and potentially disorganized employee files. Instead everything will be safely recorded online, which will massively reduce the potential for data loss.

Human resources managers / practitioners will have the convenience of being able to instantly access any employee documentation and/or records – at any time and from anywhere – provided that they have internet access. It will no longer be necessary to draw an employee file first, before being able to gain insight into such employees’ full record/s.

Ref-Pro is integrated with one of South Africa’s leading credit bureaus: COMPUSCAN. This means that even if a potential employee has not yet been loaded onto the Refpro system, it will still be possible to use COMPUSCAN’s database to perform a work history check for the person in question.

Ref-Pro also has Industrial and Human Relations features built into the program.

Ref-Pro is now able to generate essential industrial relations and human resources documents, such as warning forms, notification of hearings, et cetera. The program is able to populate all of these forms at the click of a button, making use of the information for each employee that has been pre-loaded onto the system. The system is loaded with a generic disciplinary code, which allows human resources practitioners to enact discipline simply by selecting possible transgressions and processing predetermined forms. This will massively improve your company’s HR and IR by:

  • Improving congruency within your company by maximizing the uniformity of your internal documents
  • Saving you valuable time that would otherwise be wasted filling out tedious forms.
  • Reducing the amount of paper used in HR and IR processes, and therefore reducing costs. Allowing your company to store its HR and IR documents remotely, thus enabling HR and IR functions to be carried out from any location with an internet connection.

Upon termination of an employment relationship, there are usually two documents which must be issued to the employee: a Certificate of Service and a UI19 form. Both of these documents can be generated by Ref-Pro in under two minutes, and doing so will automatically leave a reference of that employee for every other employer who makes use of the Ref-Pro system.

Sign up with Ref-Pro today to access all of these highly beneficial features for your business. Join us on our path to a more convenient and honest future in HR and IR.

Please view our product page to learn more about Ref-Pro, and please contact us if you have any questions or comments.

Refunds Policy

Ref-Pro is a non-refundable service and as such, refunds cannot be claimed. In the event that Ref-Pro does not deliver the service promised a refund can be requested by using our Contact Us page.