Packages and Costs

Our packages starts from less then R5 per day

We believe in meeting the needs of our clients, it is therefore no surprise that we have designed various packages of our HR and IR system to accommodate the requirements and preferences of various companies and organisations. Indeed for less then R5 a day, you too can get started today using our hassle free HR and IR system. To view our available packages, click on the Micro, Small, Medium and Large tabs below for more information.

  • Pre-Arranged Special Corporate Package

    If we have already created your corporate package, kindly enter your supplied package activation code below to get started with the required system registration procedure.

    Contact us if you want to learn more or are in need of assistance to process your Special Corporate Package activation code.

  • To start out wiht our Micro Package, Just sign up and get started.

Sign Up Guidance

It is very easy to start using our system and reap the benefits of handling all your HR and IR management online for your organisation. Click on the numbered tabs below to read more.

If you experience any challenges to perform the signup process, do not hesitate to contact us for assistance. To signup now, click here.