Added Features

The main goal of REF-PRO is to protect employers against applicants thinking they can provide fraudulent references to get into open positions within your business. We have implemented several services to make sure that you, the employer stay protected by getting the full truth about these candidates.

Click on the tabs below to view the  features offered by our solution;.


  • Abilities all from one convenient platform;

    • Referencing between members
    • ID Verification
    • Work History
    • Criminal Checks
    • License and PDP Verification
    • Qualification Verification
    • Comprehensive Credit Checks
  • With REF-PRO you will not only be able to check references, but you will be able to auto populate and generate relevant documentation for all your listed employees. Our system is capable of automatically generating general Human Resource documentation and assigning it to your relevant employee.

    Auto Populate documents include:

    • Written Warning Form,
    • Notice Of Disciplinary Hearing,
    • UI-19 and
    • Certificate Of Service